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Once upon a time,
I wanted to be a waitress.

Clearly, I wasn't very ambitious. I found UX through coding which a friend recommended because according to her, my brain "just worked that way." It was through that world I discovered UX and fell in love.  I had already been helping my organizing clients simplify systems in their lives for years and see great similarities between UX and organizing. Both begin with identifying the user problem, ideating creative solutions, implementing those solutions and continuing to ideate until the system works effortlessly. I genuinely love professional organizing but realize that I can have a broader impact with a larger company than working with individual clients.

About Me

  • I believe in authenticity, transparency and adding value to a moral company.

  • I thrive on productivity and efficiency so can be an absolute powerhouse when working on projects. (While maintaining a healthy work life balance.)

  • I enjoy collaborating with others because differing views fascinate and inspire me. 

  • I'm not afraid of or hurt by constructive criticism, that's how we grow. (Plus, I'm from Boston.)

  • My favorite part of the UX process is ideation, I love the challenge of thinking outside of the box.

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